Andrada Mining Enhances Uis Mine with TOMRA’s Cutting-Edge XRT Sorting Technology

In a move aligned with its ambitious expansion plans, Andrada Mining has chosen to incorporate TOMRA XRT sensor-based sorting technology into its flagship Uis Mine in Namibia. This strategic acquisition includes the addition of pre-concentration circuits aimed at enhancing the mine’s output. The Uis tin mine, one of Namibia’s largest tin reserves, is poised for a significant increase in tin concentrate production, with annual output projected to rise from 1,500 to 2,600 tonnes.

Central to this expansion are the TOMRA COM Tertiary XRT sorters, which will be utilised in the dry process section of the plant. These advanced sorters are expected to boost the tin content of the feed to the wet processing plant by 50%. Specifically, a COM Tertiary XRT 1200 will handle the coarse size fractions, while two COM Tertiary XRT Fines sorters, equipped with the high-resolution TS100C ejection module, will process the smaller particle sizes. This ejection module is noteworthy for its efficiency, using 90% less compressed air, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption and operating costs while delivering a high-quality product.

Andrada Mining Chief Executive Officer Anthony Viljoen expressed pride in partnering with TOMRA, a market leader in ore sorting technology. “TOMRA’s proven ability to adapt solutions for fast-growing companies like Andrada ensures a smooth and swift implementation process. The company’s XRT sorters are a game-changer, combining high-tech sensors, powerful sorting valves, and industry-leading software for exceptional reliability. With TOMRA’s OBTAIN™ imaging software, we can boost production output while maximising mineral recovery and ore quality, which is a win-win for efficiency and earnings,” stated Viljoen.

A standout feature of these XRT sorters is TOMRA’s innovative OBTAIN™ software, unveiled earlier this year at the Mining Indaba exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa. This AI-powered software leverages Deep Learning and employs a Neuronal Network to achieve single-particle precision in high-throughput ore sorting. This technology enables each particle to be identified and processed independently of the sorter’s capacity, ensuring unprecedented precision and reliability in detection and ejection. Furthermore, the OBTAIN™ software provides detailed and accurate data, which will allow Andrada Mining to optimise their processes with well-informed decision-making, thereby enhancing capacity, quality, and recovery.

In conclusion, TOMRA Mining’s Area Sales Manager for Southern Africa, Helga van Lochem noted, “We are excited about teaming up with Andrada Mining and helping them unlock value at their flagship Uis mine with our XRT sorters, the first to incorporate our OBTAIN™ Deep Learning feature unveiled just a few months ago. We will be at their side throughout the installation process and beyond, ensuring the sorters perform as required, meeting and even exceeding expectations.”