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Botswana’s Growth Stumbles as Global Market Falters

Botswana’s economic engine may be sputtering. The country’s ambitious target of 4.2% growth this year is in jeopardy, according to a senior central bank official, Innocent Molalapata. “From what we’ve seen so far,” Molalapata told an economic briefing, “unfavorable global conditions coupled with domestic hurdles are making it unlikely we’ll …

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I-MAK gearbox solutions tailored to meet pump applications

I-MAK, one of the premium global brands in the stable of bearings and power transmissions specialist, Bearings International (BI), has led the global market with a wide portfolio of gearbox and drive solutions for over 50 years. With more than 1 000 000 references and hundreds of different product lines, …

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The evolution of oil filtration systems

Early automotive engines didn’t use any kind of filtration for the oil. It wasn’t until a patent was granted to Ernest Sweetland and George Greenhalgh in 1923 – for their product the “pure oil later” or “Purolator” – that you could buy an automobile with a full-pressure lubrication system. It …

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