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John Deere’s ADT hits Southern Africa market

Designed with the demands of today’s job site in mind, John Deere has introduced the new 460E-II Articulated Dump Truck (ADT). The John Deere-designed machine delivers ultimate productivity with a redesigned wider dump body, electrical and hydraulic systems, and new drive modes to help you get the job done in …

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Save fuel with Ctrack Crystal

The ever-increasing fuel price continues to put pressure on motorists and businesses. Unfortunately, as consumers, we are at the mercy of government and global oil prices. For many businesses that operate fleets, driving less is not an option. The most apparent solution is finding ways to use vehicles more efficiently. …

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BOD expands its ownership of Botswana JV to 50%

Botswana Diamonds (BOD), a company with dual listings, has added to its position in the potential Maibwe joint venture (JV) in Botswana. Siseko Minerals has expanded its ownership of the JV from 29% to 50%. 51.7 percent of Siseko is owned by BOD. Siseko is required to pay P411 800 …

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