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SA looks to Botswana for energy solutions

Botswana wants South Africa to buy even more electricity from it after President Cyril Ramaphosa declared his plan to import electricity from neighbouring nations to supplement South Africa’s limited power supply. Given that electricity cannot be stored on any significant scale and that fluctuations can tax generators, Botswana Power Corporation …

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ELECTRA MINING: Visitors can look forward to new products, technologies and developments from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions will use this year’s Electra Mining Africa as a platform to showcase several new product and technology developments and solutions. “After a long period of COVID, we are now again in the fortunate position to be able to have face-to-face discussions with our customers,” says Wilfred Barkhuizen, …

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Save fuel with Ctrack Crystal

The ever-increasing fuel price continues to put pressure on motorists and businesses. Unfortunately, as consumers, we are at the mercy of government and global oil prices. For many businesses that operate fleets, driving less is not an option. The most apparent solution is finding ways to use vehicles more efficiently. …

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SADC’s Regional Gas Masterplan set to enable utilization of region’s abundant gas reserves, and reduce reliance on coal

In response to the global commitment, including the Paris Agreement’s ambition to reduce carbon emissions and maintain global temperatures below 1.5° Celsius, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) is developing the Regional Gas Masterplan to enable the utilization of the region’s abundant gas reserves and reduce its reliance on coal. …

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Kobold’s electronic unit ZOE now on offer

Instrotech is now offering Kobold’s electronic unit ZOE, specifically designed for the calculation and display of flow rates and volume flow of flowmeters. The instrument use is applicable whether users have an external power supply or need a battery-powered device, and when a back-lit display is required (or not), the …

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