Kalahari Automation Distributors appointed as Rockwell Automation’s new authorised distributor in Botswana

Kalahari Automation Distributors (KAD) has been appointed as a new authorised distributor in Botswana by Rockwell Automation. Botswana’s industrial terrain is fascinating, with an abundance of mineral deposits and a paucity of water, and it stands to gain from industry-leading automation and control technology.

KAD is Botswana’s leading supplier of quality industrial automation, control, and instrumentation equipment. The company’s owners have been working with Rockwell Automation products for more than 30 years.

“We are now authorised to sell the complete Rockwell Automation portfolio, including automation equipment, motor control equipment, software products and related services, in Botswana. This allows us to support the existing equipment base and distribute new products in the country,” explains Ben Grobler, Sales and Marketing Director at KAD.