GlobalData raise alarm on EV revolution supply chain

Potential raw material shortages loom large, threatening to disrupt the demand-supply balance of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. The success of this green transition necessitates addressing these supply chain concerns to ensure a seamless and sustainable future for EVs and the broader low-carbon agenda, says GlobalData, a leading data and …

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Africa’s Moment: Becoming a global economic powerhouse

How youth and natural resources can drive the continent’s global economic and social leadership now Celebrating Heritage Month includes introspection of what we have achieved, and where we can take our countries and continent to, as African people. Africa is facing a turning-point opportunity to become a global economic powerhouse. …

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Mining’s Energy Transition Dependent on New Copper Sourcing

As the demand for copper surges amid the energy transition, mining experts expect supply deficits to emerge in coming years, in part due to lacklustre investment in exploration and construction of new copper mines. Mining company executives’ preference for safe, short-term returns has led to a massive underinvestment in new …

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