De Beers Group Relocates Auctions Headquarters to Botswana, Bolstering Diamond Sector

In a move aimed at streamlining operations and boosting efficiency while supporting the development of Botswana’s diamond industry, De Beers Group has announced its decision to relocate the headquarters of De Beers Group Auctions from Singapore to Botswana. Building on the successful relocation of De Beers Global Sightholder Sales to Gaborone in 2013, this strategic shift underscores De Beers’ confidence in Botswana’s capabilities and growth trajectory. By consolidating its global diamond trading business in Botswana, De Beers aims to enhance efficiency, strengthen partnerships, and foster the growth of critical diamond industry skills in the country.

De Beers Group’s Chief Executive Officer Al Cook, expressed his satisfaction with the consolidation, stating, “Our Global Sightholder Sales business has thrived in Botswana for 11 years, making it a logical and beneficial move to transfer our Auctions business to the country. This transition will drive cost efficiencies and better serve the needs of our customers, while also contributing to the ongoing development of Botswana’s dynamic diamond sector.”

As the relocation process unfolds in the coming months, De Beers Group Auctions will temporarily pause operations and sales events to ensure a seamless transition and maintain the high level of service expected by customers. Emma Peloetletse, Permanent Secretary to the President, representing the Government of Botswana, hailed the relocation as a testament to Botswana’s growing stature. Peloetletse affirmed, “The relocation of De Beers’ Auctions business to Botswana underscores Botswana’s growing role as a global hub for the diamond industry and will further enhance our economy and bolster skills development in the sector.”