Debswana Unveils Skills Pipeline for Jwaneng Expansion, Prioritizing Local Talent

Debswana, the De Beers-Botswana government joint venture, is laying the groundwork for a skilled workforce ahead of the expansion of its Jwaneng mine. This proactive approach emphasizes investment in local talent and bodes well for the future of Botswana’s mining sector.

The Jwaneng mine, currently the world’s richest diamond mine by value, is set to undergo a significant expansion into underground operations. To ensure a smooth transition and continued success, Debswana is prioritizing the development of a highly skilled workforce.

“The deployment of graduate learner officials to Mopani Copper Mines underscores our commitment to equipping our workforce with the skills and expertise needed for the challenges ahead,” said Andrew Motsomi, Debswana’s Managing Director.

Twenty-six graduates have been meticulously selected and are currently undergoing an intensive training program at the Mopani Central training centre in Zambia. This strategic move not only broadens Debswana’s horizons by fostering alliances with other industry leaders but also injects diversity into the talent pool, mitigating potential business risks.

The training program is a collaborative effort, with Debswana partnering with leading underground mines to provide practical training across various disciplines crucial to underground mining operations. These disciplines include geotechnical engineering, geology, hydrogeology, safety and sustainability practices, and core mining and engineering expertise.

“Debswana’s investment in talent development reflects its dedication to building a sustainable future for Botswana’s mining sector, while fostering innovation and excellence within its workforce,” explained Motsomi. He further emphasized Debswana’s commitment to providing these “learner officials” with access to world-class training and mentorship opportunities. This holistic approach aims to cultivate a highly skilled workforce capable of steering the Jwaneng underground project towards success.

The initiative is a win-win for Debswana and Botswana. By prioritizing local talent and equipping them with the necessary skills, Debswana ensures a steady pipeline of qualified personnel for the upcoming expansion. This, in turn, fosters economic growth within Botswana and empowers its citizens to be active participants in the country’s mining future.