Fluor’s Newly Appointed General Manager, Etienne Bredell, Aims for Strategic Growth in South Africa.

Etienne Bredell, recently appointed General Manager of Fluor’s South Africa office, brings more than 30 years of industry knowledge to his role.

Having joined Fluor in 2008, Bredell is experienced in leading projects, managing global multi-disciplinary engineering teams, and driving business development across the African region.

“I look forward to building upon Fluor’s presence in the region and expanding our footprint,” Bredell states.

The company’s commitment extends to providing comprehensive services to clients in the mining, metals, and energy markets.

The Mining and Metals team supports clients throughout the project lifecycle. From concept to commissioning, Fluor delivers expertise at every stage.

“Early-stage involvement allows us to fully leverage our capabilities in engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, and project management,” Bredell says. “We are currently engaged in a range of open pit and underground projects, as well as mineral processing facilities, across a broad spectrum of commodities.”

In parallel, Fluor’s Energy Solutions team remains dedicated to supporting clients in the energy sector. They engage in various initiatives, including upgrades, storage facilities, and clean fuels projects. Fluor is currently involved in a strategic environmental compliance project, the first to be implemented in the country. The outcome of this energy transition project will be cleaner fuels, incorporating a biofuel component. Additionally, the team focuses on LNG and green energy projects, crucial steps in the roadmap to reduce carbon emissions.

The South Africa office leverages the expertise of two different client segments. “Colocated teams bridge the gap between mining and energy by jointly addressing challenges such as renewable integration and energy storage,” Bredell adds.

Fluor’s presence in South Africa, spanning more than six decades, underscores its pivotal role in the country’s landmark projects.