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Kavango 3D modelling in Botswana identify promising images

London-listed Kavango Resources has revealed that images from its computerised three-dimensional (3D) geological modelling of its Kalahari Suture Zone (KSZ) project in Botswana confirm significant similarities between the northern section of the zone and the giant Norilsk mining centre in Siberia.

The giant Norilsk mining centre accounts for 90% of Russia’s nickel reserves, 55% of its copper reserves and virtually all of its platinum group metals.

Kavango is the first company to prepare a computerised 3D geological model of the KSZ.

The company’s geophysical team is conducting 3D modelling in conjunction with Mira Geoscience.

The 3D model incorporates thousands of data points, collected from two phases of airborne electromagnetic and magnetic surveying, as well as drill hole data and resistivity surveys over the northern section of the KSZ.

Kavango will now work to select up to six of the most prospective targets for follow-up exploration and drilling.

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