MATO Products Setting New Standards in Botswana’s Conveyor Belt Market

A leading provider of conveyor belt solutions and a proud member of the Multotec Group, MATO Products continues to spearhead innovation in Botswana’s mining sector. With its groundbreaking belt fastening systems, comprehensive range of lacing equipment, and unwavering commitment to belt cleaning technologies, MATO Products is reshaping industry standards.

MATO Managing Director Benjamin Sibanda highlighted the company’s significant strides since entering the Botswana market in 2018, particularly in pioneering belt cleaning systems. “Our innovative products have transcended initial demand from the coal sector to cater to diverse materials handling and mineral processing applications, notably in diamond mining,” explained Sibanda.

Further to that, MATO ensures unparalleled support for its Botswana clientele through dedicated sales engineers and the extensive Multotec infrastructure. This support encompasses a full spectrum of value-added services, including on-site assessments, installations, and meticulous aftersales service and maintenance. All products are meticulously crafted in MATO’s state-of-the-art facilities in Germany, South Africa, and Australia.

MATO’s mechanical belt fastening system, comprising a lacing head and bed, wire rope winch with 30m of rope, belt clamp, cutter, skiver, wave master kit, lacing pins, and fasteners, represents a pinnacle of efficiency and durability in conveyor belt maintenance.

Additionally, Sibanda underscored the system’s ability to deliver a seamless joint in under 30 minutes, significantly reducing operational downtime compared to traditional splicing methods, thereby enhancing productivity while reducing costs. “The primary advantage our customers gain from MATO solutions is undeniable: reduced downtime. Our dominance in the belt cleaning systems market in Botswana is unparalleled. Our Australian counterparts have attested that we procure more of their products than any other MATO subsidiary globally,” asserted Sibanda.

The company currently supplies conveyor belt solutions to two diamond mines, with prospects for expansion to a third site, reflecting a growing demand for MATO’s superior systems. Sibanda anticipates further opportunities as mines currently bound by long-term contracts express interest in transitioning to MATO systems.

“At MATO, our commitment to reliability and durability provides customers with peace of mind. Our joints often outlast the conveyor belts themselves, offering unparalleled longevity and cost-effectiveness,” affirmed Sibanda. Unlike competitors who rely on international suppliers for fasteners and lacing equipment, MATO ensures consistent quality and value.

Based in South Africa, MATO Products boasts a team of 24 dedicated professionals, including site supervisors and technicians stationed in Botswana to cater to customer needs. With plans to expand its local presence, MATO is poised for even greater service excellence.

Looking ahead, Sibanda emphasised MATO’s focus on marketing belt cleaners across southern Africa over the next 12 to 18 months. “MATO isn’t just a supplier of belt cleaning systems; we’re a trusted partner offering solutions that guarantee the longevity of conveyor systems,” concluded Sibanda.