A new local range of Sahara heatless low dewpoint compressed air dryers has been recently introduced to the African market by compressed air treatment industry leaders Artic Driers International.

The Sahara range of air dryers are manufactured in South Africa for the African Markets and covers a range from 1 to 49 m3/min at pressures from 5.5 bar to 13 bar G.

These dryers feature a host of innovative & patented features, this includes a simplistic free floating patented shuttle valve, as well as a modular purge air orifice plate holder.

The dryers control design is super simplistic and only uses 2 angle seat valves to oscillate the compressed air flow between the drying and de-sorption cycles in the two pressure vessels.   The dryer is assembled on a low-profile skid frame making even the largest dryer in the range easy to ship in a standard height container.

These dryers obtain a minus 40°C pressure dew point using low cost activated alumina. Heatless air dryers do consume a portion of the dried air to de-sorb the offline vessel. However, the Sahara series is easily fitted with an optional dew point control system that reduces the purge air flow requirements when you are operating at less than maximum air flow rates.  This significantly reduces the c/air consumption in your plant.

The Sahara’s simple construction makes it ideally suited for our tough African market. It’s a local dryer build that contributes value to the local economy, reduces project lead times & saves the country its valuable currency reserves.

Artic Driers also produce a local range of high-capacity inline water separators coalescing and particle filters to compliment the Sahara series dryers. These have a range of 40 to over 400 m3/min at 7 bar.   These meet all the local pressure vessel codes.

These filter elements are sensibly priced, & have a filtration range from 25 to 0.01 micron with residual oil filtration down to 0.001 mg/m3.

All casing are externally and internally coated with Powercron® 6200HE to prevent corrosion, even when operating with low PH oil free compressed air.

If your applications demand clean low dew point compressed air give Allen or Paul Cockfield a call at Artic Driers International in Benoni, innovators in compressed air for 31 years.



Allen Cockfield – Artic Driers International PTY ltd