The spotlight will be on ESG during the Africa Mining Forum

The spotlight is set to be on Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) at the Africa Mining Forum which is set to kick off from the 16-20 November 2020.

A testament to this notion is the fact that the organisers of the event have also announced a unique digital ESG partnership with The Stakeholder Company (TSC).

“We are very excited to have TSC on board,” says Africa Mining Forum event manager, Elodie Delagneau. “Along with our media partner Mining Review Africa, we look forward to learning from their particular expertise in using AI in managing stakeholder relations and, of course, sharing this specialised and visionary knowledge with our clients and other partners.”

During the upcoming Africa Mining Forum’s five-day digital event from 16-20 November 2020, The Stakeholder Company is the sponsor of the Spotlight session focusing on: “Managing ESG Compliance and Investor Expectations.” Terence Lyons, TSC CEO and Founder is also a speaker.

“Clarion Events Africa is the convenor of Africa Mining Forum and TSC is the global mining stakeholder and issue system,” says Terence. “It’s a perfect match and we look forward to this partnership connecting Africa using the power of AI.”

He adds: “ESG mining standards are the key to sustainable production. Rather than being a simple obligation, ESGs have the potential to unlock and become the pillar of sustainable competitive advantage. Investors are realising that companies with a strong ESG track record outperform their peer group, and this has become especially apparent over the global pandemic.”

Here is a sneak preview of the Spotlight session that will take place on 17 November:

Developing a financially profitable project is no longer the only key aspect investors are considering to fund new projects. Mining companies’ ability to comply with environmental, social and governance components is today an equal investment consideration.

With three critical components that must all be considered, gain insight into finding innovative solutions that jointly deliver compliance as a cohesive whole and not individual parts.

Moderated by: Laura Cornish, Editor in chief, Mining Review Africa

Presented by:

  • Rudolph de Bruin, Partner, AMED Funds
  • Terence Lyons, CEO, TSC – The Stakeholder Company
  • Errol Smart, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Orion Minerals

 Digital line-up

Although this year’s live Africa Mining Forum had to be postponed until November next year, organiser Clarion Events Africa will host the five-day, comprehensive digital line-up this year that will include:

  • 12 Strategic Spotlights
  • Women in Mining Assembly
  • Ministerial Forum
  • Matchmaking
  • Mining Market Place

Earlier this year the mining industry recently gained an exciting new multi-touchpoint partner when Africa Mining Forum transformed into a year-round platform, providing engagement and content for 365 days a year, covering all corners of the continent’s junior mining activities and opportunities.

This mining investment platform has its roots in the very successful East & Central Africa Mining Forum, which took place in Kigali last year, hosted by the Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB).