WearCheck training courses boost investment into condition monitoring

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.” These wise words were voiced by the founding father of the US – Benjamin Franklin – in the 18th century, little knowing they would still be highly relevant more than three hundred years later.

Condition monitoring specialist company, WearCheck, has witnessed, over several decades,  many clients gaining enhanced return on their investment into the company’s condition monitoring programmes, when the maintenance staff ‘at the coalface’ undergo proper training.

Steven Lumley, technical manager at WearCheck, oversees the ongoing development of the training schedule, which has been refined over the last 20+ years.

‘As the technology used in the wide range of our testing services is continuously being upgraded and  enhanced to accommodate innovation, it is necessary for all players to learn about the upgraded capabilities of the asset management techniques on a regular basis,’ she said.

‘It is for this reason that we highly recommend that maintenance personnel attend courses which are relevant to their area of operation, to ensure that their knowledge and understanding of the different condition monitoring technology is as advanced as the technology itself.

‘Our courses are aimed at staff operating at various levels within a company, from basic oil sampling techniques all the way up to CAT IV, and everything in between. Delegates can earn valuable CPD (continuing professional development) points when they complete many of WearCheck’s courses.’

These are some of the customer training courses run by WearCheck, and the duration:

Course Days
·       Precision Shaft Alignment 2, incl. practical
·       Precision Balancing 2
·       Vibration Analysis ISO CAT I 5, incl. exam
·       Vibration Analysis ISO CAT II 5, incl.  exam
·       Vibration Analysis ISO CAT III 5, incl. exam
·       Asset Reliability Practitioner – advocate (ARP-A) 3, incl. exam
·       Asset Reliability Practitioner – engineer (ARP-E) 5, incl. exam
·       Asset Reliability Practitioner – leader (ARP-L) 5, incl. exam
·       Oil Analysis 1 2
·       Oil Analysis 2 1
·       WearCheck Customised 2
·       Asset Reliability Practitioner (3 courses) 6 months


OIL ANALYSIS COURSES: 2023 WearCheck training course dates:

  Oil Analysis 1: Understanding oil and its analysis




Oil Analysis 2: Report interpretation CPD


Course length: Two-day workshop   One-day workshop  
Richards Bay March 7,8 2 March 9 1
Springbok March 14, 15 2 March 16 1
Middelburg April 18,19 2 April 20 1
Kimberley May 9,10 2 May 11 1
Steelpoort May 16,17 2 May 18 1
Kathu June 6,7 2 June 8 1
Cape Town Jun2 20,21 2 June 22 1
Bloemfontein July 18,19 2 July 20 1
Durban August 15, 16 2 August 17 1
Rustenburg August 22, 23 2 August 24 1
Johannesburg September 12, 13 2 September 14 1
Kathu October 17, 18 2 October 19 1
Nelspruit November 14,15 2 November 16 1


Course Wind Turbine Oil Analysis (two-day workshop):




Cape Town November 8,9 2


WearCheck offers other on-site courses on request:

  • WearCheck Customised – oil analysis for workshop technicians (full day)

For more details on course content and prices, please view Training at www.wearcheck.co.za. To book one of these courses, please contact Michelle van Dyk on training@wearcheck.co.za or call 082 381-3321.

Mobius courses at WearCheck

WearCheck has been an accredited training partner for the internationally acclaimed Mobius Institute since 2015. Mobius courses lead to accredited certification for asset reliability practitioners, condition monitoring specialists and precision maintenance technicians.


2023 WearCheck Mobius courses (classroom / online):

Course CPD points Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Vibration Analysis – CAT 1 4     15-19       11-15      
Vibration Analysis – CAT 2 5       05-09       09-13    
Vibration Analysis – CAT 3 5 13 – 17       10-14       13-17  
CAT IV                      
Precision Balancing (2 days)   17 – 18       14-15       04-05
Precision alignment (3 days)   19-21       16-18       06-08


Pricing for Mobius courses is as follows (excl. VAT):

  • Classroom Training
    CAT1 – R15,706.17
    CAT2 – R18,481.74
    CAT3 – R22,592.65
    Precision Alignment – R10,034.44
    Precision Balancing – R10,034.44
  • Online Training (Four Months)
    CAT1 – R20,890.61
    CAT2 – R24,258.81
    CAT3 – R27,490.72

To book a Mobius course with WearCheck, contact Louis Peacock to book a spot: louis@wearcheckrs.com or +27 82 494 9461. More details are available at https://www.wearcheck.co.za/training/mobius-training.html


All Mobius courses are presented at various venues throughout Africa. All courses can be presented online or on-site at a customer’s premises for a minimum of seven delegates. For on-site training, there may be an additional charge for the lecturer’s travel and accommodation.