Winder Controls celebrates 50 years of innovation

The success of shaft-hoisting expert Winder Controls has been sustained by encouraging innovation and emphasizing the quick delivery of solutions to its clients. Since our modest beginnings fifty years ago, we have grown significantly, according to MD Tim Keegan, and as a result, we now have a sizable installed base in numerous nations.

The capacity of Winder Controls to offer its customers adaptable, efficient solutions sets it apart from the competition. The company is large enough to handle the substantial bonding and risk requirements of huge projects, but it is dedicated to continuing to adopt a proactive approach to problem-solving and specialized solutions.

According to Keegan, Winder Controls has reached a major milestone in 2023. “We reflect on the depth of our rich mining history, and while celebrating our 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of high-quality hoisting and associated equipment, we are most grateful for the support of our clients,” he says.

The best aspects of the original Winder Controls, Blane & Co. Engineers, and Siemag South Africa are now a part of Winder Controls, thanks to strategic mergers and acquisitions. In addition to maintaining and expanding upon decades of installed product base and specialized knowledge in the hoisting business, this combination effortlessly blends the company’s industry-leading technical excellence in mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical and automation engineering.

Modern rope-handling equipment, pressure exchange energy recovery systems, specialized winder brake callipers, and other equipment are now part of the company’s product line thanks to its affiliation with the Siemag Tecberg Group. Global knowledge transfer and continuous communication with clients around the world have been made possible by engineering and managerial cooperation.

The management team of the organization is resolute in upholding the highest ethical standards. “Even though there have been difficulties along the way, we are grateful for our clients’ support in this endeavor and are certain that this is an essential component of running a sustainable business in the modern world,” says Keegan.

Due to its European location, the Siemag Tecberg Group mandates that all procedures follow International Financial Reporting Standards and undergo audits. “Transparency, adherence to King IV’s values and procedures, and careful task segregation are the hallmarks of our top-notch management and governance systems,” adds Keegan.

The organization also gives its SHE efforts a lot of attention, and its robust safety team makes sure that all legal and customer criteria are met while also guaranteeing the health and safety of its employees. Apart from offering efficient solutions to their customers, Winder Controls also prioritizes the needs of its workers, stockholders, and the communities in which it operates. This is demonstrated by the fact that the firm was able to retain all of its employees throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the years, the hoisting market has seen some notable highs and lows. We have been able to weather the storms by basing our strategy on providing our clients with invaluable expertise, says Keegan, by concentrating largely on an excellent core of technical talents.

Winder Controls, an ISO 9001:2015 certified business, always works to improve client service and experience by introducing upgrades to its tools and systems. “We have extensive technical knowledge of multiple equipment brands and are not exclusively committed to any one maker of equipment. This allows us to implement complex solutions using our clients’ preferred equipment brand, facilitating standard spares holding and mine personnel training,” says Keegan.

The company’s capacity to provide a targeted, specialized product line through a single point of contact is further strengthened by its in-house electrical manufacturing facility, extensive machining and assembly capabilities, and industry-leading internal services department.

Numerous current industry professionals owe a great deal to the organization for their training and experience, and staff members continue to receive substantially more training than required by law and CPD. Formal qualifications, brief courses, equipment or subject-specific training are examples of theoretical training; internal technical procedures, trade tests, and safety-related training are examples of practical training. For client personnel, the organization also provides a variety of specialized training courses covering sophisticated engineering theory, equipment operation, and maintenance.

Offering upfront project analysis services, duty cycle optimization, solution concepts, and equipment specifications to suit a wide range of client project criteria, Winder Controls is able to significantly add value to pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. The company’s in-house tools enable it to provide extensive analysis of mechanical and electrical systems and components, in addition to network investigations.